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Axis Mundi is an audio*/visual** studio founded by Kristina Florell, Charles Eggers and Victor Svedberg working with clients in the creative industry.

* Music production, mixing, composing and song writing for artists, company commercials, video game scores, film scores, art exhibitions and fashion shows.


* Sound design and editing for video games, films, television, radio, audio books and podcasts.


** Art direction, visual identity, branding, advertising, layout and graphics for web / print.

Mission log [recent entries]


Client: YEAR0001

Title: Various

In-house art direction and design for YEAR0001



Client: Natur & Kultur

Title: Kajsa Grytt - Du lever i mig

Recording and production



Client: Bokklubben Clio & Historievärlden

Title: Cliopodden

Theme song, recording and production



Client: Natur & Kultur

Title: Andreas Cervenka - Vad Gör En Bank

Recording and production


For new business or general inquiries, please send an email to



Q: Where are your résumé?

A: We'll be happy to send a full résumé upon request.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We live in Stockholm but we have no main base, we can work from anywhere.


Q: What does Axis Mundi mean?

A: Axis Mundi is the world pillar, the connection between the astral world and the physical realm.

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